Wedding Packages

Traditional coverage is 8 hours, but I don't restrict myself to that, because you miss so much. I'm there all day - no limits, no extra costs - because many of the most beautiful moments happen outside that window of time. I'll be there to capture them for you. It's my way of saying thank you for asking me to be a part of your day. I average 14 hours per wedding and often hit 16. Why leave when you love what you do? You don't! You push boundaries and do everything to see couples blown away by their wedding story. A story that remains with them for the rest of their lives. 

I offer four main packages, all four packages cover a whole day on shoot with a minimum of 400 edited images and are based around producing a photo story that captures the whole experience. I shoot a mixture of editorial style reportage and classic wedding portraiture. I shoot all day, from capturing the bride's preparations before the ceremony, all the way up until the first dance.  

Also included within the package is a consultation to discuss the details prior to the big day. I always feel it is important to meet in person to give you the opportunity to get to know me. If you feel that none of the packages suit you please feel free to get in touch - I understand that every wedding is different and I would be more than happy to tailor a package to better suit you!

"I can't help but always smile, because weddings are fantastic fun."

Wedding Portraits

Some documentary wedding photographers don’t do portraits. I don’t go along with this. But neither do I take a couple off for an hour. Ten minutes perhaps, maybe a second ten minute session if there is great evening light. I don't do the traditional upright, dress carefully spread out across the grass…zzzzz. I prefer images that show the couple’s relationship, with just a smidgen of direction. Some couples need more than others. Some just need to be told to stare into each other’s eyes…they burst out laughing…there’s the picture! For others it’s a quiet moment, during the wedding reception, to look at each other and realise, they have done it! 

The Engagement PackagE

There are various reasons couples choose to have an engagement photoshoot. Whether it's as a practice run for your big day, an opportunity to get to know me, to build a beautiful collection of photographs to share with your family and friends before the wedding or simply just to celebrate your engagement, it's a brilliant way to get yourself used to being in front of the camera. If an engagement shoot is something you would be interested in feel free to contact me or fill in my contact form to discuss your options further.